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The HR Solutions Hub has people with a strong background in working with the Fire Service over the past ten years. They have been involved in developing, implementing and supporting a wide range of products and services within individual services and nationally.

Due to the on-going austerity measures applied to the fire service there has been continued down-sizing in organisational head counts. This has resulted in fire services having to fill HR roles with operational staff on secondment or in temporary positions who don’t always have the knowledge and experience of the HR professionals they have replaced.

We have worked with many of these people who are faced with tasks that they don’t have the time or resources to deliver or that fall outside their knowledge and experience, forcing them to spend a lot of valuable time researching solutions.

This research results in you acquiring lots of information and data that you then need to understand and put together before deciding what action to take. Even then you may not feel totally confident or comfortable with what you will do.

Insufficient time and resources along with greater workloads also make it difficult to research and acquire the knowledge to deliver on these internally. To keep on top of everything, whilst still delivering on time and to the standard required, is a challenge so they look for advice and support outside their organisation.

Specialist support for those in an HR role or with HR responsibilities who have limited training and experience

We have a wide experience in supporting and working with all emergency services and understand it is important to you that you get the right advice, usually within tight timelines. So, whatever your need, let us know and we will usually be able to provide a solution making us a ‘one stop shop’ and negating the need for you to spend valuable time researching and resourcing solutions, service providers and products yourselves.

We can offer advice on and provide a range of services and products that can be purchased immediately ‘off the shelf’ where they already have a good history of use in the Fire, police and ambulance services as well as design and develop bespoke solutions for you.

If we don’t have a solution to hand immediately, we will work hard to research the best one for you.

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